Ein Leitfaden für vegetarisches und veganes Grillen

Grilling without meat is a little bit different and, if you’re used to steak and burgers, then you might need to get a little creative when it comes to what, and how, to barbecue as a vegetarian or a vegan, or as someone hosting vegetarians or vegans at their grill party. Want to make sure your vegetarian barbecue goes off without a hitch? Here are some quick tips and “how-tos” for a plant-based BBQ.

Grill Prep

Are you grilling meat alongside vegetarian items? Here’s what you need to know:

When cooking meat along with vegetarian items, you should know that many vegetarians would prefer not to have any meat remnants touch their food. For this reason, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean and scrape your grill after cooking any meat and before placing vegetarian items on the grill. Another alternative is to designate a separate section of the grill for vegetarian items and make sure that this section is well-cleaned before firing up the grill. If possible, many vegetarians would prefer to have their food cooked on a separate grill.
Check in with your vegetarian guests before the day of your big barbecue and see which option they would prefer.

Grilling Fruits and Vegetables

Need some quick and easy ideas to keep your vegetarian and vegan friends happy, but not sure where to start? Try throwing these naturally flavorful foods on the grill for a no-hassle and no-recipe vegetarian barbecue:

  • Pineapple rings: sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar
  • Portobello mushrooms: brush with oil and serve like a veggie burger with all the condiments
  • Halloumi cheese: must-try if you never have! 
  • Sweet potatoes or yams: wrap in foil, or, slice in half, pre-bake, brush with maple syrup for extra sweetness and grill)
  • Asparagus: soak in water for at least 30 minutes before grilling
  • Corn on the cob
  • Apples: slice in half and sprinkle with cinnamon and brown sugar or drizzle with maple syrup
  • Grilled Parmesan Potatoes: potatoes cooked in foil are especially delicious—they get beautifully tender and lightly charred, a real treat!

Just because it’s a barbecue, doesn’t mean all the food served needs to be grilled. Add grilled veggies to a green salad, couscous or quinoa, make a grilled vegetable sandwich, or grill some pineapple for a pineapple and banana ice cream split! Another idea is to toss your grilled veggies with pre-cooked pasta for a main dish or add to a pasta salad. Or, serve your grilled veggies inside of scooped out French bread or rolls with some soy or dairy cheese for a grilled veggie sandwich, maybe with a little pesto or vegan mayonnaise.

Tofu grillen

Wenn Sie Tofu grillen, stellen Sie sicher, dass er besonders fest und gut gepresst ist . Wie alle vegetarischen Fleischersatzprodukte enthält Tofu viel weniger Fett als Fleisch, verwenden Sie also mehr Öl, um Ihren Grill einzufetten, um dies auszugleichen. Niemand mag klebrigen Tofu und niemand mag es, einen Grill zu reinigen, an dem Tofu-Kohle klebt!

Tofu passt zusammen mit kleinerem Gemüse wie Rosenkohl und Pilzen gut zu Bambusspießen – achten Sie nur darauf, die Spieße häufig zu wenden, damit alle Seiten gleichmäßig gegart werden.

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